Dog And Her Nine Puppies Were Abandoned In A Box In The Garbage.

A person in British Columbia, Canada, discovered an unopened parcel in the trash and first disregarded it until understanding what was contained inside it. Because the door to the box was locked securely, there was no way for the mother dog, who we later found out was named Casey, or her nine pups to escape.

It had only been a week since the babies were born, and poor Casey was already so fragile that it was surely difficult for her to care for her family while she was in such bad condition and under such trying circumstances.

The person who found the furry family brought them to a veterinary facility, where they remained for the night before being transported to the British Columbia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (BC SPCA).

Because there was no foster family available at the time, Casey and her puppies had no choice but to be taken in by the Quesnel Branch of the British Columbia SPCA.

The following statement was sent by Lorie Chortyk, general manager of communications for the British Columbia SPCA:

There is no excuse for abandoning a pet in the hopes that it would die in old age. It is against the law to abandon animals, and those who do so might face legal penalties.

Casey is extremely dedicated to taking care of her pups while she is presently staying in a foster home with them.

At the very least, it will take seven weeks until Casey and her pups are prepared to be adopted and to start their new lives in their forever homes. In the meanwhile, the British Columbia SPCA is making a concerted effort to identify the person or people responsible for the cruel abandonment of this loving family.

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