This Dog Was So Lonely That He Ran Out Of The Yard To Hug His Best Friend.

Meet Messy, a yellow Labrador who exemplifies what it means to be a true friend, not just for his owner Oranit Kittragul, who is from Thailand, but also for a lone canine called Audi.

Messy’s neighbour, Audi, lives on the other side of the street from her. Because its owner is gone to work for a significant portion of each day, the canine companion experiences feelings of isolation and anxiety. This is when Messy comes into play.

Oranit said with The Dodo that if Audi has feelings of isolation and begins to cry, she immediately asks her dog to visit with him and chat to him. “My dog merely glances over the fence at [Audi], and every once in a while he barks at him. I have no idea what they are saying to each other, but he stops weeping once they do.

Recently, Audi had the opportunity to express his gratitude to Messy for their relationship and let him know how much he values Messy in his life. Because his owner neglected to close the gate, the Husky was able to go free, and can you guess who he went to say “hello” to? Of course it was a mess!

Oranit said, “He rushed up to my dog, and the two of them embraced one other.” The lady also captured an image of the sweet occasion with her camera.

The photo is going viral because it is so innocent and untouched by the world around it. If you ever find yourself feeling low, simply glance at this picture and keep in mind that the whole world is filled with love.

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