A heartbroken man is offering a home to anybody who can help him find his Chihuahua.

Many individuals consider their dogs to be part of their families and suffer from severe worry when anything unfortunate occurs to them. One such person is Eddie Collins, who lives in Tucson, Arizona, in the United States. Eddie is distraught since his chihuahua dog Jenny went missing

Collins will do everything to get her back, even making an offer of a house as compensation for her release.

Jenny is two years old, and she and her father unquestionably have a healthy relationship with one another. Unfortunately, Jenny disappeared without a trace when they were shopping at the Circle K near the intersection of Ina Road and Silverbell Road around two months ago.

Collins said this to News 4 earlier.

Every conceivable location has been combed over. I take my dog to the kennel every single day.

After getting no information about Jenny’s location, Collins has made announcements on several social media channels offering rewards to anybody who may assist in locating her.

According to Fox News, the award had a starting value of $1,000; but, in light of his evident distress, he chose to raise the amount.

Collins declared

“Tucson, I need your assistance; whomever gives it back, please know how much I appreciate it. Please know how much I appreciate it.”

Everywhere he travels, he constantly displays posters with the following statement that define his mission: “I am here to save the world.”

Can you help me? Do you have my name in mind? They fired me from my position at Circle K. My dad is hunting for me. If you help me get back to my house, he’ll give you a little house with one bedroom, a workshop, and some land as payment. If you know where I am, please ensure that I make it home to safety, and I will give you everything. My name is Jenny. Thanks!

Collins loves Jenny with every fibre of his being, and he is prepared to give up all of his worldly goods if it means that he will be able to touch her once again. When questioned why, he gives the answer that Jenny is a part of his family without more explanation.

He remarked that

“I’m selling a parcel of land that comes with a residence that has one bedroom. I am prepared to give away the land, as well as the shop and the trailer, without any stipulations being attached. I just care about getting Jenny back.

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