Dog Waited For His Family For Four Years In The Same Spot.

An abandoned Thai dog showed love and devotion without conditions when he sat by the side of a road in the Mueang area of the country for four years, hoping that his family would one day return to find him.

The dog, who the residents of the area referred to as Leo, arrived one day while his family was on vacation, and he managed to get out of the vehicle without anybody knowing.

Anuchit Uncharoen, a person who noticed Leo strolling about on the road, recently shared his story as well as some of the pictures he took of Leo. He was provided with food there, and a woman named Saowalak Pinnuchawet, who was 45 years old, told him the story of how the dog had to wait a very long time for them to come pick him up.

Mrs. Pinnuchawet said that she tried to take Leo home many times, but he always fled and returned to the road. Leo was underweight and covered with mange at the time of her report.

Because Leo was unwilling to go from that place, the woman took the choice to bring him food on a daily basis. When she is too busy to take care of it herself, she is responsible for delegating it to a member of the family.

The story of Leo affected a great number of people, and it was widely disseminated on the internet in an attempt to locate his relatives.

Because of this, a few people were able to get in contact with Anuchit Uncharoen and tell her that Leo was the same puppy as her dog BonBon, who had gone missing in the area around the same time four years earlier.

Noi, the dog’s adoptive father, said that they had stopped at a service station during the holidays and found that BonBon was no longer in the vehicle. Noi claimed this happened after they had detected that BonBon was missing. They remained there for a whole week in an attempt to locate him, but they were ultimately unsuccessful.

The family was taken aback when they saw the puppy’s story online since they had been under the impression that he had passed away.

When they did eventually catch up with BonBon, he was pleased, but he resisted coming with them when they attempted to put him in the vehicle.

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