A dog with a broken heart cannot stop hugging his deceased brother’s pillow.

Spencer and Rocky were each other’s closest friend for a gloriously decade-long period of time. They treasured the opportunity to be in close proximity to one another at all times. Unfortuitously, an unanticipated occurrence caused Spencer to suffer the loss of his cherished brother.

Beth Fisher, the dog’s owner, told the following to The Dodo:

“It had never occurred to either of them to spend the night apart. Rocky and Spencer did everything together: they slept in the same bed, ate the same meals, and walked hand in hand whenever they went out.

A short while ago, the pleasant time that we spent together came to an end.

Rocky became severely sick, and when he was brought to the veterinarian to be treated for the disease the dog had caught, the veterinarian found that Rocky had a massive cancerous tumour growing inside of him at the time of the examination. Rocky ultimately passed away from his illness.

After making such a horrifying discovery, which was much too late for any kind of medical assistance, there was only one option to put an end to the unfortunate dog’s suffering.

On that particular day, Rocky had to be put to sleep.

Becca said:

Understanding the circumstances behind Rocky’s untimely death was challenging, but none of us can fathom how tough it must be for Spencer to have lost her little brother.

Spencer’s distress was plain to see, and it was evident that he was distressed.

Beth claims that ever since her brother left, the dog has been up at night looking for Rocky around the home and howling in frustration whenever she is unable to find him.

However, the family’s kind present to the traumatised dog helped put him at peace.

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