The Doctor is astounded by his patient’s improvement after his dog’s visit.

Since a few weeks ago, Flavio Santos has been receiving chemotherapy treatment for his cancer at the So José Memorial Hospital in Brazil. He has had a very bad time, which has been made much more difficult by the fact that he has missed his dog Agadir, who has been at his side for the previous eight years, a great lot. He has been with him for the whole time.

When the nurses who had been searching for him in the hospital heard of this, they took the choice to schedule a special visit even though they were unsure of the impact that it would have on the situation.

The impact of that visit was far more significant than it could have seemed, and Flavio’s medical team was surprised by the results of the investigation.

Sao Jose Memorial Hospital

After spending time with her dog, the doctors noticed a dramatic improvement in her condition. A startling change in expression may be seen on the patient’s face. Because of the substantial improvement in this man’s health, it is now feasible that they may get back together much sooner than everyone had imagined.
According to the research conducted by Dr. Rodrigo Tancredi, G1

“I broached the subject of the possibility of getting fired. It took me by surprise. He was awake, focused, and engaged in conversation.

Sao Jose Memorial Hospital
According to the medical professional, spending time in the company of animals is beneficial to both one’s physical and mental health. resulting in increased feelings of hunger in addition to a drop in both heart rate and blood pressure

He remarked that

Patients tend to talk more, get more active, and have larger appetites as a result of the psychological effects of the treatment. From a physiological point of view, the rate at which the heart beats and the blood pressure both decrease.

Sao Jose Memorial Hospital
The same thing happened with Flavio, who had metastases in his peritoneum as well as in his bones.

Added Dr. Tancredi:

Recently, we saw a significant change in him as a result of our efforts. The progress lasted and was accomplished piece by piece.

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