Puppy Realizes He’s Being Rescued and Can’t Stop SmiIing

In April, animal control was able to rescue a dog that was 10 years old and had been hit by a car. He was unable to walk since he had been shot in the right rear leg. Whoever did it should be held accountable.

Due to a lack of available resources, the dog was sent to a small municipal shelter in Dallas, Texas, but after being there for a week, he was still not treated for his injuries.

Thankfully, a volunteer from Dallas DogRRR, a community rescue group, saw the problem and took immediate action to remedy it.

Kerry Anechiarico, CEO of Dallas DogRRR, made the following statement to The Dodo:

“He sustained actual injuries…

When the volunteer went to see him, he did not even make an effort to come over and say hello to the visitor. It is almost as though he gave up and was just waiting for his opportunity to strike again.

Once Sanford the puppy was discharged from the animal hospital, this rescue group made the decision to have him placed in a foster home, which is how Karen Velazquez became acquainted with him.

Since that time, he hasn’t been able to hide his smile. Karen asserts that she has the impression that she is safe while she is at her side and that this is the case.

John said:

“I am now in my 52nd adoptive family, and I can say without a shred of exaggeration that I have never had somebody who was as upbeat as he is. Nobody else, not even my own pets, has ever looked at me quite as he does, not even other animals or people. The only times you will really see him without a smile on his face are when he is sleeping or eating.

Sanford is doing well in all aspects of his life, including his diet, his exercise routine, and his interactions with Karen’s other dogs.

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